Healing Principles

Naturopathic doctors are guided by six fundamental healing principles which are based on observation of health and disease, using modern scientific methodologies.

First, to do no Harm
A naturopathic doctor will use treatment therapies that will limit the development of harmful side effects.

The Healing Power of Nature
The physician will promote and support the body’s own ability to establish, maintain and restore health. The process of healing will be facilitated through identifying and removing barriers to health.

Identify and Treat the Cause
Naturopathic medicine aims to identify and eliminate the underlying cause of disease as opposed to symptomatic treatment, in order to achieve optimal healing.

Treat the Whole Person
The naturopathic doctor will attempt to understand the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical factors as unique to each patient and an individualized treatment plan will be created accordingly.

Doctor as Teacher
A naturopathic doctor will educate the patient and encourage them to take responsibility and action for their own health. Motivation and empowerment are key factors in the doctor’s approach to enable the patient to heal.

Through education and health promotion, the naturopathic doctor will work with the patient to identify risk factors to ill health and provide a naturopathic treatment approach to maintain health and prevent illness.