New Patients

Congratulations on choosing a health care system that encourages and works with the body’s innate healing abilities. Each person’s case is unique, and therefore each treatment program is tailored individually to meet those needs.

Before your first visit, please complete the appropriate Intake form and Consent to Treatment form located on the left and bring it with you to your visit. Complete the package as thoroughly as possible, as the questions were designed to gather all relevant information regarding your current state of health. As you know, Naturopathic Medicine takes into account the whole person to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your unique and individual needs. With that said, the more information we can get the better!

If you have any questions regarding the form leave that section blank and we will go through it together in your appointment. If you have any other important medical forms, previous labs, xrays etc,. please make sure to bring a copy of those as well.

Initial Intake (90 mins)

The first visit includes an in-depth naturopathic assessment of your current health concerns, medical history and health goals. Dr. Ziegler will review the intake form with you, asking detailed questions relevant to your health concerns, complete a physical screening exam, and if necessary run a screening urine test or requisition for labwork or blood tests.

Second Visit (60 mins)

During your second visit, viable naturopathic treatment options that are suitable for your lifestyle and health needs will be discussed. Together, you will determine the best way to approach your health concerns, making your treatment plan not only personalized but easy and enjoyable to follow.

Follow Up Visits (30 mins)

Follow up appointments are essential to short term and long term progress so together we can adjust and refine treatment protocols if necessary. The frequency and number of follow up visits is case dependent and will be discussed at the appropriate time.